Selasa, 15 November 2016

added suppliers

Sell them exactly what they want to buy If you want to build a profitable--and consistent--eBay business, you need to start with strategic product sourcing. What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It reveals the same techniques used by the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and by major retail chains to determine what products will sell well and which suppliers will deliver those products for the best price. Learn to generate product ideas, research your markets, diversify your product line, and build a direct supply of inventory. Using the proven strategies in this book, youĆ’??ll be able to find the products that will fuel your business for the long term and skyrocket your sales! Find out how to spot trends and discover Idea Hotspots Document your product sourcing ideas Identify niche markets Research products to determine their profit potential Set your business apart from the competition using creative product selection Up-sell products and offer value added items and bundles Locate and purchase products through legitimate wholesalers Spot and avoid middlemen and scammers

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